Motostar Round 9 Report Oulton Park

Race Report:

Round 9 of the British 125cc Motostar Championship saw a return to Oulton Park in Cheshire where Andy finished on the podium earlier in the season.

Practice and Qualifying went well and Andy was well under his lap times from earlier in the season, on the combined times Andy would start the race the third 125 and only 1.2 Seconds from the fastest time.

Some changes for morning warm up didn’t work so the bike was put back to the previous set up ready for the race. And incident on the warm up lap saw Andy have to leave the track to avoid a collision, this was not the best way to settle for the start which showed as the first two laps were not great and left Andy with a lot of work to do. Andy set about setting his best times of the weekend, some three seconds faster than earlier in the year and was soon involved in a close battle for the podium places. The group contained 2nd to 6th place in the 125cc class, unfortunately Andy was to finish 6th but only 0.4 seconds from finishing 2nd.

The result maintained Andy’s 2nd place in the championship as the series moves on to Assen in Holland for the two races of Round 10.

Round Statistics:

Position Fastest Lap Times
125GP Overall Andy Sawford 125GP Overall
Q1 (Wet) 4th 14th 02:00:840 01:58:287 01:54:999
Q2 3rd 19th 01:50:173 01:49:600 01:44:000
Race 1 6th 18th 01:49:652 01:48:006 01:44:044

Images to come